GOT Token Airdrop

 Name: GOT


Depending on our airdrop plan, GOT Token will be distributed via airdrop to the addresses shared on our discord server.


1 GOT Token: 1 Tree

GOT Token Chia Asset has been released as a token using CAT's infrastructure. GOT Token, whose main purpose is a social responsibility project, plans to reach its goal as a result of a 10-year airdrop program. GOT Token, which was produced only in 10,000,000 units, will be distributed with airdrop in 10 years, 6,530,000 units. 1,500,000 GOT Tokens will remain locked in the main wallet until 2032, as a resource for reforestation efforts to restore forests lost by forest fires in the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions. In 2032, 2033, 2034, it will be sent as GOT Token to the chia wallet address of the institution that is determined on our discord server and receives the most votes, in 3 equal installments.

The distribution plan is presented in the chart below.

Airdrop announcements will be published on the discord channel every month and the members who share the first chia wallet address will be rewarded. The GOT Token team will release 970,000 GOT Tokens by 2034 (2024-2034, a 10% tranche 97,000 GOT Tokens will be released each year). 1,000,000 GOT Tokens will remain locked in the main wallet until 2035.

GOT Token price will be shaped over time depending on market conditions. We expect community members to adopt and use GOT Token as a low-cost peer-to-peer payment tool. By using the GOT Token, they will be a supporter of the team's long-term outreach project and will make the most important contribution to the realization of this project by trading.

A 15-year time frame is planned to reduce GOT Token inflation and meet the target criteria. Requests of GOT Token winners to buy and sell GOT Tokens on DEX exchanges are at their own discretion. We set out with limited opportunities and the biggest reason for choosing chia cat token is that it is environmentally friendly, less energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as efficiency and extremely low transfer fees.

Only 10,000,000 GOT Tokens were produced. We expect GOT Token winners to share their tokens via peer-to-peer exchange with different wallet addresses and support the team.

Our goal is to bring 1,500,000 GOT Tokens to the level of purchasing a minimum of 1,500,000 tree saplings within the scope of the social responsibility project by 2032. (Afforestation activities and sapling selection will be done by professionals affiliated with the winning institution in our discord channel, in accordance with the climatic conditions.)

1,500,000 GOT Tokens stored until 2032 will be chosen by voting of the institutions determined on the discord server. After the elections, the chia wallet address will be opened to the organization that has gained social trust and will support the project, and it will be transferred to the transfer institution wallet address in 3 equal parts (500.000x3) in 2032, 2033 and 2034. We want GOT Token holders to know that; The project we carry out will be carried out in a completely transparent manner. Related friends can follow the airdrop program via asset id. Our expectation from the community is for each GOT Token to be valued enough to buy at least 10 tree saplings. By 2032, we have no doubt that you will support the project to reach its goal by ordering GOT Tokens from the sales of the donated institution. We will also seek support from you, the community members, so that the organization can generate more returns.

The region determined for distribution is the Middle East region. Thank you in advance for your support.



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