MUKAN Token Airdrop

 MUKAN Token

Chia Asset Token


ASSET ID :c6cf64c06b1b9cb94c9f6d0bd352095394e423fd95a4c5837c11e583e7612556

A total of 88.000.000 MUKAN Tokens were produced. MUKAN Token will be distributed by airdrop method. 300 MUKAN Tokens will be sent to each requesting address owner. The airdrop program will be completed when 200.000 different addresses are reached. (200.000x300=6.000.0000 MUKAN Token)

18.000.000 MUKAN tokens are reserved for team expenses. This ratio will be equally presented to the market in the next 3 years (2023-6.000.000, 2024-6.000.000, 2025-6.000.000). The remaining 10.000.000 MUKAN Tokens will remain locked until the airdrop is completed.


Please share your wallet addresses on our Discord Channel.


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