Whats Up? WHY WHUP Token?

Whats Up? WHY WHUP Token?

WHUP Token

Name: WHUP

Asset id: eb2e03fc437f35827d847427caf428397b5109f4bcb96247cb7bfc2e433d2300

I prepared a surprise to keep our growing community together. 21,000,000 WHUP Tokens were created for members who believed in the project. And it will be distributed equally to the first 85 chia wallet addresses that are members of our discord blood.

(210,000 x 90 = 18,750,000 WHUP Tokens, 2,210,000 WHUP Tokens will be distributed through the website. 5 WHUP Tokens per click.)
250,000 WHUP Tokens are reserved for promotion. 500,000 WHUP Tokens will remain locked in the main wallet.


What will happen next? Believe me, I don't know either. You can exchange your WHUP Tokens with other tokens and share them with your community. If you find a good price, you can sell it on dex exchanges. You now own one percent of the WHUP Token and the decision is yours. You are free to do whatever you want.

We believe in and support the Chia project.

Oh no. You are late for the airdrop, it will be distributed among the first hundred people who have previously subscribed to our discord channel. Maybe I need a few more chia wallet addresses. Please don't be late. First hundred addresses only.






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